Dialog- and Innovation-Platform DIGILAB Initiated by the Bremen Senator for Economy, Labor and Ports, and funded by the Metropolitan Region Nordwest, DIGILAB is a dialog and innovation-platform aimed at supporting the regional business clusters for SMEs using innovative workshops and panels to better adapt to the current digital transformation.

Companies have the opportunity to shape their concrete challenges when it comes to people, market and technology as realistic solutions and prototypes. In several workshops, they will be guided by the user-centric development process, open innovation through the targeted integration of tech companies, customers, startups, universities and other institutions and organizations. They will also have access to technical and creative resources. The innovation workshops and prototype projects create space for innovative lighthouses and forms of experience-oriented employee trainings.

The program start is focused on the areas of augmented reality and algorithms.

In the age of digitization, data volumes are growing immeasurably. Sophisticated algorithms are required to process all this data and give tangible meaning to it. The abundance of information also increases the complexity of decision-making. Consider complex questions such as the planning of projects, the routing in complex networks, or efficient resource management, these can hardly be solved without IT support. The key to more efficiency and increased competitiveness are mathematical optimization methods. A well-founded mathematical analysis of problems is fundamental for the development of sophisticated solutions and algorithms which are then used for examples in the implementation in software prototypes.

Augmented Reality (AR), the enrichment of reality with digital information, is understood and used primarily as an extension to visual perception. The combination of real-time interactivity and the transfer of additional information by means of graphical overlays and superimpositions in the user's field of vision, make the conception of a multitude of applications and usage scenarios possible. These can be developed within the framework of the innovation workshops in concrete prototypes.

During the program, particularly in the discovery phase, the methodological development of innovation competence is given significant importance. In addition, participants will gain insights into code understanding and programming.

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