Dialog- and Innovation-Platform DIGILAB Initiated by Senator for Economy, Labor and Ports of Bremen, and funded by the Metropolitan Region Nordwest, the dialog and innovation-platform DIGILAB is supporting SMEs of the regional business clusters and their employees using innovative-, technology and prototyping-workshops to better adapt to the current digital transformation.

In the open innovative- and technology workshops different lectures and institutions present and discuss forms of new work and different technologies.

In our prototyping-workshops companies have the opportunity to shape their concrete digital and new work challenges as realistic solutions and prototypes. In several workshops, they will be guided by the user-centric development process, open innovation through the targeted integration of tech companies, customers, startups, universities and other institutions and organizations. They will also have access to technical and creative resources. The prototype projects create space for innovative lighthouses and forms of experience-oriented employee trainings.

The prototyping-workshop program is focused on the areas of augmented reality, algorithms, and new work. Find further coordinates under Hire.